What is Odoo Customisation
Odoo ERP Customisation

What is Odoo Customization?

Odoo customization means modifying the software to fit your business requirements. This Could include adding new features, integrating with other software systems or API's, changing the appearance, layout and functionality of the software to fit the needs of your business.

Customisation is to Make changes into any Existing thing, for Example You have a Bike and You remove its mirror and try new fancy mirror that would be called as you Customised your Bike, Same as that we Odoo Customisation Means to Change the Existing Functionality in odoo based on Your Business Requirement

Why Customize Odoo for Your Business?

There are many benefits to customize Odoo for your business which Includes the Following

    • Efficiency: Customizing Odoo can help your business processes, improving efficiency.

    • Data Accuracy: You can Make sure that data is entered accurately and consistently, Also it reduces the risk of errors and improves data quality.

    • Better decision-making: Costumisation of Odoo can provide you with better visibility into your business operations, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

How Can Odoo Customization Help Streamline Your Business Processes?

Odoo Customization can help streamline business processes in many ways here are some of them:

    • Automation: Custom modules can be created to automate processes, this could Save your Time in unneccesary data entries in Software
    • Integration: Integration with third-party solutions can be done with the help of Customisation easily
    • Reporting: Real-time data and insights could be handy with custom reports and Dashboard for reporting 

Odoo Customisation is a process of changing Existing Functionality in Your Own way for Example you have a business and Odoo gets you your Customers and Vendors store into the Database, Now in order to store your Customer and vendors to the Odoo database you will have to enter some basic datas Like Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, etc But now you need to Enter a Specific Code for Each customer so that you could search for that Specific code when you need to find any customer or vendor in system, So here comes the Role of Odoo Customisation and here we DataInteger Provide you the Service to Customise Your ERP in a Flexible way - So Don't Get Jammed or Puzzled Contact Us and Handle your Business Like you never have before and Get Track of All the things related to your Business

DataInteger Follows a Process to Customise Odoo, Customer and Technical Expert will have a meeting to Gather the Requirement Based on Customer's Business as we get the Details of What needs to be done we then make an Analysis of feature odoo already have and your requirement According to have an idea of not breaking the basic Flow and Functionalities of odoo and Implement the Requirement as per that we provide the Estimation of the Cost and Duration to the Customer and on the basis of Customer's Approval we then Start the Development Process as Discussed in the Meeting, After the Completion of Development Testing is Mandatory process we follow to be sure about how customer would use the Flow so we Test the Flow which customer is going to use and then Finally we Deliver the Module


Can Odoo be customized?

Definetly, Customisation(Modifying) Odoo to fit your Business requirement is Possible

What is customization in ERP?

customization means modifying the software to fit your business requirements

Why is Odoo so popular?

To implement odoo is very low cost and the recurring cost is also very Low

Is Odoo free forever?

No you never Pay for it because Odoo is a open Source Program

Is Odoo better than Zoho?

Definetly Odoo is Better than ZOho as Odoo has 600+ reviews and a rating of 4/5 star and in Comparision Zoho has 100+ Reviews with a rating of 4/5 Stars, Ratings and reviews may vary

Is Odoo a frontend or backend?

Odoo is Both Back-end and Front End

Is Odoo expensive?

Odoo Community Version is totaly free But Odoo Enterprise could charge you $20/User/Month price may vary

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What is Odoo Customisation
30 November, 2022
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