What's new in Odoo 17, updates and Features | Odoo 17 Release Date
Odoo 17 Release Date

What's new in Odoo 17, updates and Features | Odoo 17 Release Date

The official release of Odoo 17 will be Released 8-10 November 2023 in Belgium During Odoo Experience event. Here Below You can find attached some Pictures about the new Features of Odoo 17. This was Possible by gathering every tiny information present on Social media regarding the Release of odoo 17, its Features and Updates.

From all of the Odoo 17 New Features we have attached some key points below for a quick overview of yours.

  1. New UI

  2. Totally Different Apps Icons

  3. Dark Mode

  4. Calendar Sharing Availibility

  5. Updated CRM

  6. Advanced Search Options

  7. POS Kitchen Display Preparations

  8. New Updates on Smart buttons and Print Reports

  9. Employee Department Organization Chart

  10. Sign Docs

  11. Sale Order Products to add with Catalog Feature

  12. To Do

  13. Feel The Dragabble Pop Ups Now

  14. Print Resume

  15. Faster PWA Accesibility (Progressive Web App)

Now Let’s Check the Above Features Clear knowledge and visibility. Unlike the Previous Odoo Experience Events this year too Odoo has bought a fruitfull dish to the table

New Odoo 17  UI (User Interface)

Odoo 17's redesigned user interface is more modern, intuitive, and streamlined. It features a more visually appealing and easier-to-navigate design, with a focus on simplifying tasks and workflows.

Odoo 17 UI Dashboard

Totally Different Apps Icons

Odoo 17 introduces a new set of app icons that are more modern, consistent, and easier to navigate.

Odoo 17 New Apps Icon

Dark Mode

Odoo 17 now offers dark mode, which can help reduce eye strain and improve battery life on mobile devices. Users can enable dark mode from the user preferences menu.

Odoo 17 Dark Mode

Odoo 17 Dark Mode Configuration

Odoo 17 Dark Mode Apps

Calendar Sharing Availability

Odoo 17 has improved calendar sharing availability. Users can now share their availability with specific individuals or groups, and even set different availability rules for different types of events. This makes it easier to coordinate schedules and find times that work for everyone.

Calendar Sharing Availability

Updated CRM

New and improved features in the Odoo 17 CRM app:

Lead scoring system: Prioritize your sales leads based on their likelihood of converting into customers.

Opportunity pipeline: Track your sales pipeline more effectively with a visual representation of all your leads and opportunities.

Customer portal: Give your customers self-service access to their account information and support tickets.

Updated CRM

Advanced Search Options

Odoo 17's new advanced search options make it easy to find data quickly and easily. Search by multiple fields, wildcards, and other advanced operators.

Advanced Search Options

POS Kitchen Display Preparations

Odoo 17 introduces a new kitchen display system (KDS) for point of sale (POS) systems. The KDS provides kitchen staff with a real-time view of orders, which can help improve efficiency and reduce errors.

POS Kitchen Display Preparations

New Updates on Smart buttons and Print Reports

Instead of Form view now you can See in Odoo 17 Smart Buttons and Print Reports are now at Different Areas

New Updates on Smart buttons and Print Reports

Employee Department Organization Chart

Odoo 17 introduces a new employee department organization chart, which provides a visual representation of your company's structure and hierarchy.

Employee Department Organization Chart

Sign Docs

Odoo 17 introduces a new electronic signature feature, which enables users to sign and send documents digitally, eliminating the need to print and scan them.

Sign Docs

Sale Order Products to add with Catalog Feature

Odoo 17 now allows users to add products to sales orders directly from the catalog view, streamlining the sales order creation process and making it faster and more efficient.

Sale Order Products to add with Catalog Feature

Sale Order Products Catalog

To Do

Odoo 17 introduces a new To Do app that lets you create and manage task lists. You can assign tasks to yourself or others, and set deadlines and priorities.

To Do

Feel The Dragabble Pop Ups Now

Odoo 17 introduces draggable pop-ups, which makes it easier to interact with them without closing them completely.

Odoo 17 Feel The Dragabble Pop Ups Now

Print Resume

Odoo 17 introduces a new feature that enables users to print their resumes directly from the system. This can be helpful for job seekers.

Print Resume

Print Resume Config

Print Resume Sample

Faster PWA Accesibility (Progressive Web App)

Odoo 17 progressive web apps (PWAs) are now faster and more accessible, allowing you to use Odoo on your mobile device without installing a native app.

To check odoo 17 new feature Visit Official Odoo

If you are planning to Migrate your current community or Enterprise version to the Latest Odoo Version Click Here to Understand the Benefits of Migration or else Mail us  at contact@datainteger.com


What's new in Odoo 17?
In Odoo 17 the talk of the Town is UI the User Interface of odoo 17 is Totally Changed, other than that there are changes like Progressive web app (PWA),Odoo 17 also Introduces Draggable Pop-up(wizards will be now Dragabble),New App Called To DO is also Introduced in odoo 17,New Catalog Feature to add Products in Sale Order

What are the features of Odoo 17 POS?

1. POS has More Info button which connects to Backend Information of Customers
2. Preparation Status for Restaurant and BAR in POS
3. POS Receipt with a 5 digit Unique Code


Odoo 17 is a major release that includes a number of new features and improvements. The new UI, advanced search options, and other features make Odoo even more powerful and user-friendly. This significant upgrade that will help businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently and effectively.

What's new in Odoo 17, updates and Features | Odoo 17 Release Date
27 September, 2023
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